Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Christmas soaps

I love the scent of Bayberry spice. It catures the smells of the Holidays

Christmas Splendor scent- I am so happy with the way these turned out.

Christmas soap cake

Beautiful Christmas spice scented cupcake soaps

Balsam Fir soap cake

Fireside soap cake smells like red hot cinnamon candies

Tropical Twilight smells fruity and is a nice small size for a stocking stuffer for your tween or teen

Large Christmas soap cake. Very big slices

Cedarwood & Amber soap slices

Beautiful swirled soap

Frosty red & green cupcake soaps

Bayberry spice cupcake soaps
I have been working on some Christmas soaps and here they are, or at least some of them. All of them are made from scratch with the cold process method which is with a variety of oils mixed with lye. The xmas tree soaps are made with a new recipe I made  which turned out wonderful. It allowed me a lot of time to pipe these without it hardening up on me. It was a two day process. I bought the Wilton silicone christmas tree molds and made up a batch of soap. Poured the soap in the molds, unmolded them the next day. Made a new batch of soap, dipped the trees in the soap then let it thicken to be able to pipe the "branches" on them. The white ones were made the same way with a different look. Packaging is the most time consuming. I have a lot to do.
Check out our schedule of craft shows on the contact me page on our and come see these beautiful soaps in person. Well, it's raining pretty hard so it's a great time to get a lot of things done around here. Have a great day!

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