Saturday, July 14, 2012

Soap Cakes verses Cupcake Soaps

Lets face it, everyone is attracted to the cute, pretty, appetizing cupcake. Everyone loves cupcakes and they are made in all different kinds of materials. The cupcake soap above is Love Spell crowned with two real rosebuds. It's beautiful. Does someone really want it because they want to wash with it or because it's shaped like a cupcake and "it's so cute"?

I just made 2 of these Fairy Garden Soap cakes tonight. Soap cakes are fun to create and the soap maker can really let loose and make it an artistic creation. What about the soap cake? Does a customer really want to wash with a slice of soap cake?
Margarita cupcake soaps---they smell amazing! Topped with a small wedge of lime soap and sprinkled with large sugar crystals that sub for salt. Really? Is this a novelty item or is this practical?
Chocolate Raspberry Bundt Soap Cake. Come on-- yes I made it--it's actually a beautiful soap cake. It's infused with silk and made of wonderful ingredients. It smells wonderful. Would you wash with it? Would you buy it?

Here the soap cake is sliced and is curing. It is really an awesome soap cake.
I made a couple of these Margarita soap cake slices for an order for a bride who  is making up gift bags for her guests that will be staying at the hotel from out of town for the wedding. A Very thoughtful thing to do. Here I think the soap cake slices are a very unique and thoughtful gift. Will they be used by the guests? I hope so. They'd be missing out on some wonderful handmade soap that smells great, is moisturizing, and is infused with silk. You can't get that kind of soap at the grocery store.

Razzberry cupcake soaps are so pretty. Made with the same ingredients as the soap cakes. They'd make an awesome gift for someone. A great shower gift, birthday, etc.

Everything you buy is a personal preference. So many times I have been told " Oh, it's too pretty to use. I would never use it". That drives me nuts when someone says that. They love the cupcake. They love the soap cake. They are unique. They make a great gift. But-- every soap that I make is meant to be used. I don't infuse these soaps with silk and wonderful fragrances so that they are just looked at and collecting dust just to be thrown in the garbage later on. That person has cheated themselves out of a wonderful bathing experience with a soap that has been made from scratch and created to be used  and is actually a  real treat to use on your skin. Now to the preference of soap cake verses the cupcake. According to my sales, cupcakes rule!!!