Monday, November 21, 2011

Great Holiday craft shows

My husband, Duane. This man puts up with a lot from me. When I get worried, mad, sad , anxious- I take it out on him ( I don't mean to). I could not do any of these shows or farmers markets without him. He has always been supportive and loving  in whatever I wanted to do. I used to drag him to craft shows all the time when I was the buyer (before soap making) and he would follow me and carry the bags for me. I miss those days. Now he lugs in our tables and the soaps, etc. and sets everything up. And instead of talking football and hanging with the guys, he's talking soap and how moisturizing it is to women. Isn't life funny?! I just want him to know that I love and appreciate everything he does even when my horns start to show.

This is a picture of our set up at Eisenhower High school. We really liked working the show and everyone was wonderful and the students were great with helping us unload and load our things for the show. We hope to work it next year. Thank you to all of our customers who followed us to this show.We appreciate your business and loyalty. We met a lot of great people and new customers that I hope will become part of our Hedgeway Cottage family. I am still waiting for confirmation for the Troy High school show we were invited to. I will post on hedgewaycottagesoaps on facebook as soon as I know for sure.
 I hope everyone controls themselves on  Black Friday!You couldn't pay me to go shopping that day. I think it has gotten ridiculous- my husband works for Target and has to go to work on Thanksgiving at 11pm because they have decided to open their doors at midnight.It's getting out of hand and they just keep getting more greedy. Let's remember the" reason" for the season. I think a lot of people have forgotten like the decision makers who don't care if people make plans with their families.Have a great Thanksgiving and a safe holiday!

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