Monday, October 24, 2011

Church luncheon

My son Nathan. He will be 13 in November and is making his confirmation this year which means he has to  put service hours in and the class had to be servers at the ladies salad luncheon at St. Cyril & Methodius in Sterling Hts. (You can tell by the white shirt which he never would normally wear that he's doing something special)

From left is my sister Cathy, my Mother, MaryJane who is checking her raffle tickets for the baskets in the background, and my daughter Janelle
And guess what I won- just what I need- the Death by Chocolate basket!! Just enough to fatten me up for this winters hibernation!
We had a nice time  and there were tons of salads to choose from ( and yes, my plate was overflowing). And I enjoyed every bite!
I was shocked that I won that basket full of chocolate because I usually don't win anything. Then my daughter, Janelle won this huge bottle of wine basket with cookies. My Mom won an apron and a beautiful hand knitted afghan too. My sister Cathy didn't win anything but she is very lucky at the casino.
When I got home, my hubby, and sons Nick & Nathan tore into that chocolate, each claiming "this is mine". I guess I don't have to worry about my fat-eating winter hibernation food. It will be gone before Halloween.(OH NO Halloween candy!)
Have a great week and don't forget to pick up your candy for the trick or treaters.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Shower favors

These are not shower favors. They remind me of something you'd see in Who ville from the Grinch.They are mini cupcake soaps with a plastic xmas light on top and scented with vanilla & blueberry cobbler

These cute mini cupcake soaps are for a baby shower. The father is a Lions' football fan and wanted their colors. The added football bead gives it  an extra sporty touch.

These bird in the nest soaps are the only melt & pour favors that I have done. They are for a baby shower for a girl. These took a very long time to make and I had problems with the brown coloring rubbing off and had to make them lighter. They came out very cute  and make a really nice shower favor.

This beautiful cupcake soap is a prototype for a bridal tea that will be in the Spring at a Victorian tea house.

This is a prototype for another bridal shower that wanted mini cupcake soaps.
I'm waiting on the packaging go-ahead approval on two of the above orders. I 'll be quite busy with all this packaging and getting ready for the craft shows. After the Holidays, maybe in January or February I will try my hand at making some soap making videos if anyone is interested.
 Do you have your pumpkins yet? This looks like a nice fall day to go to the cider mill, get some apples, cider, pumpkins to put out for Halloween and bake those pumpkin seeds. My kids love the pumpkin seeds. You can season them with garlic and sea salt, so many other combinations  of seasonings that make them awesome to munch on. So enjoy your day now before winter hits.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Taking a break

Our soap display at the Clarkston High craft show
So many people think it's real cupcakes and sweets

Trying to get Bear to look at the camera before his walk
He just wanted to get going!

Bear walks pretty good. He doesn't pull and try to go on
the lawns. He doesn't pay attention to other people although
he attracts attention. My husband thinks he's a "babe magnet"
and wishes he had a dog like that when he was single. But he's
a great watch dog. If you come to our house, he will bark and growl
until we tell him it's o.k. and he patrols the house at night.
Bear is about 90lbs and has about another 80 lbs to go. I ordered
him a grim reaper that rides on his back costume for halloween.
He's going to look so funny.
I hope everyone had a great weekend. We were at the Clarkston High school craft show on Saturday & Sunday. It was a nice show with a lot of great things to buy. I had to control myself. I remember when I used to shop at the craft shows and I never thought I would be a vendor at one. After a long weekend, I thought about the busy week ahead and I just looked at my bored puppy who is 7 months old,( his name is Bear and he's a Great Pyrenees) and he looked so lonely. It is such a beautiful day today -lets go for a nice walk! It's windy and my eyes watered a little but it was so nice to take time away from working all the time and enjoy lifes simple pleasures. I have to make a habit out of this (but I don't know about the freezing winter). My son, Nathan enjoyed the walk also(he took the pictures). Bear has gotten so big and he has a lot more growing to do. We haven't taken any pictures of him since he was little. I think we'll go for another walk after dinner. Have a great day!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hedgeway Cottage Soaps: Cupcake soap size

Hedgeway Cottage Soaps: Cupcake soap size

Cupcake soap size

These black cherry cupcakes are smaller than the average that I make. The mini is on the left (I bet you figured that out)

This is a regular size cupcake soap. It fills the palm of you hand.

These mini cupcakes are on the small side too.
This lilac soap cake slice is an average slice and fits in the palm of your hand too.

Three different sizes of soap cake. The smallest is on the left

You can see the height  difference

This is the small cake slice and is not that much more than the mini cupcake soap
I just wanted to give everyone an idea of the size difference in the mini and regular cupcake soaps and the soap cake slices. I have been getting more orders for the mini cupcakes. They make a cute favor and yes, they are small. The small soap cake slice above is a little bit bigger and would be about.75 cents more than the mini cupcakes. And if you want to give your guests that WOW reaction, the larger cupcake and soap cake slice will do the trick. Whether big or small, I can make them look amazing for you shower, wedding, or any event because I put my heart into everything I make. And when I make something, it has to measure up to my standards or I'll re-make it until I think it is worthy to give as a gift.So if you're interested in something small, the mini cupcake isn't your only option. Email me or call and we can come up with something wonderful for you and your guests.

Everyday is a gift from God- Treasure it- make it count- make a difference- bring a little joy to someone

Sunday, October 9, 2011

This cupcake soap is the result of a mistake. It was supposed to be red and white swirled. The red turned out to be a mauve-y pink and I didn't like the was it looked so I covered it up with this frilly skirt looking piping around it. It is scented in balsam fir. It smells like a pine tree but looks so feminine.

These are the mini version cupcakes in balsam fir. They look like fancy appetizers. I only made 12 of these

Balsam Fir scented soap cake

Perfect Autumn Pear cupcake soaps
I have been working all day, went to church, came home and started packaging the autumn pear soaps. I'm tired. Tomorrow I'll be working on the little bird in the nest all day. I need to make 90 of them and I have 27 made. I have so much to package and I need to organize all my packaging stuff. I just don't have the time to stop and do it.But I'm glad and blessed that I am driving myself crazy over something I really love to do.God surely did answer my prayers!!!I just love him.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hedgeway Cottage Soaps: A couple Christmas soaps

Hedgeway Cottage Soaps: A couple Christmas soaps: Fireside scented Elf Pie smells like cinnamon candy Bayberry Spice mini cupcake soaps Bayberry Spice sliced soap Cedarwood & A...

A couple Christmas soaps

Fireside scented Elf Pie smells like cinnamon candy

Bayberry Spice mini cupcake soaps

Bayberry Spice sliced soap

Cedarwood & Amber swirled soap

Princess Soap

Bayberry Spice in the regular size cupcake soaps

This little bird & nest is a prototype I just made today for a customer. It is so cute.Scented in Vanilla. What an adorable favor!!  I need to make a lot of these. I have a lot to do. More  Christmas stuff and party orders. I'll post more pics later. Take care.