Friday, November 11, 2011

A special soap cake for a 4 year old that loves Lush

She's only 4 years old but when you talk to her, you feel like she is older in years and she  has a wisdom and intelligence that shows through her personality. Her name is Bella and she is so beautiful and sweet. She is my nephews' daughter. She loves the finer things in life. She loves nice restaurants, she has a certain ice cream place she goes to that knows her by name. She likes going to Sommerset Mall and going to her favorite store LUSH to smell all the soaps and such. She invited me to her birthday party on Sunday and I made her a special soap cake and mini cupcake soaps for her special day. I mixed up a special fragrance just for her ( it smells like a mixture of fruity scents). I am also making her a lotion, etc. and naming it Dolce Bella which means Sweet Bella in Italian. I hope she likes it. I hope the fragrance is sophisticated enough for her! I'll let you know what she thinks. Have a great weekend. And say a special prayer for all our veterans who risk their lives to protect us. Bernadette

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