Wednesday, August 3, 2011

These are the soaps I have been working on for a wedding shower. They are lightly scented in vanilla. They wanted mauve and cream colors. It took me two days to get the color right. I sprinkled them with irridencent glitter and light pink sugar pearls. They are very pretty.

I will be adding more sparkle to these.

This is how they wanted them packaged. The customer will be adding their own tag. I think they are very beautiful!

Who wouldn't want one of these for a shower gift?

This is raspberry lemonade cake. The fragrance siezed up the soap(what a pain) and I had to make a separate batch in just lemon scent to pipe on top.

They're so shabby chic looking!

raspberry lemonade cupcakes. I sprinkled these with sparkle and pink sugar crystals. My sons say the smell makes them thirsty for lemonade.

Black cherry soap cake smells just like black cherry. It came out awesome. This scent siezed the soap also. I did not have a good night last night.

Lavender cubes for those who want to purchase a smaller bar without the sparkles

regular slice lavender without the sparkles

 So, that is what I've been working on so far. The soaps ready for the market coming up is Patchouli ( my daughter is packaging them and she hates the smell and says she can't wait to get them out of her, couch potato man soap( I won't say who I named that, eucalyptus soap, peppermint soap, and I can't remember what other ones. So come to the markets and see what we have for you! Have a great day!!!