Monday, October 24, 2011

Church luncheon

My son Nathan. He will be 13 in November and is making his confirmation this year which means he has to  put service hours in and the class had to be servers at the ladies salad luncheon at St. Cyril & Methodius in Sterling Hts. (You can tell by the white shirt which he never would normally wear that he's doing something special)

From left is my sister Cathy, my Mother, MaryJane who is checking her raffle tickets for the baskets in the background, and my daughter Janelle
And guess what I won- just what I need- the Death by Chocolate basket!! Just enough to fatten me up for this winters hibernation!
We had a nice time  and there were tons of salads to choose from ( and yes, my plate was overflowing). And I enjoyed every bite!
I was shocked that I won that basket full of chocolate because I usually don't win anything. Then my daughter, Janelle won this huge bottle of wine basket with cookies. My Mom won an apron and a beautiful hand knitted afghan too. My sister Cathy didn't win anything but she is very lucky at the casino.
When I got home, my hubby, and sons Nick & Nathan tore into that chocolate, each claiming "this is mine". I guess I don't have to worry about my fat-eating winter hibernation food. It will be gone before Halloween.(OH NO Halloween candy!)
Have a great week and don't forget to pick up your candy for the trick or treaters.

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