Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Not Your Mommas' Gingerbread

This soap cake is called "Not your Mommas' Gingerbread" soap. It smells of gingerbread with a little added spice.

You can't tell how pretty Santa Cake soap really is in this picture. Smells so  good!

I love the look of this soap. I haven't named it yet.

Christmas Tree soaps ready for their bows.

Relax me Lavender cupcake soaps-just what the stressed- out holiday shopper needs!

LOVE these little favor boxes (I got them on clearance) and am using them for my lotion bars.

Pure Luxury Solid Lotion Bar-so moisturizing on dry skin!

Small sized solid lotion bar.
Well, finally I have all my soaps wrapped and we're winding down for the last 2 shows! This first year of doing craft shows and selling has been both stressful and wonderful. Stressful in a good way (not knowing how much product to have ready so you don't run out). I always over make. I do it with food when I have family over and I am doing it with soaps. I'd rather have too much than too little.And it is so wonderful to make something that people love and appreciate.
I hope tomorrows' weather that is calling for snow will not keep the shoppers away for the Grosse Pointe Holiday Tree lighting and market. I hope you can make it tomorrow or for our last show on December 3rd at Parcells middle school in Grosse Pointe. If not, drop me an email, say HI- keep in touch. If there is something you'd like to order from us, please email me and we will deliver it to you by mail or in person.Thank you for being such great customers!!! Bernadette

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