Monday, October 17, 2011

Taking a break

Our soap display at the Clarkston High craft show
So many people think it's real cupcakes and sweets

Trying to get Bear to look at the camera before his walk
He just wanted to get going!

Bear walks pretty good. He doesn't pull and try to go on
the lawns. He doesn't pay attention to other people although
he attracts attention. My husband thinks he's a "babe magnet"
and wishes he had a dog like that when he was single. But he's
a great watch dog. If you come to our house, he will bark and growl
until we tell him it's o.k. and he patrols the house at night.
Bear is about 90lbs and has about another 80 lbs to go. I ordered
him a grim reaper that rides on his back costume for halloween.
He's going to look so funny.
I hope everyone had a great weekend. We were at the Clarkston High school craft show on Saturday & Sunday. It was a nice show with a lot of great things to buy. I had to control myself. I remember when I used to shop at the craft shows and I never thought I would be a vendor at one. After a long weekend, I thought about the busy week ahead and I just looked at my bored puppy who is 7 months old,( his name is Bear and he's a Great Pyrenees) and he looked so lonely. It is such a beautiful day today -lets go for a nice walk! It's windy and my eyes watered a little but it was so nice to take time away from working all the time and enjoy lifes simple pleasures. I have to make a habit out of this (but I don't know about the freezing winter). My son, Nathan enjoyed the walk also(he took the pictures). Bear has gotten so big and he has a lot more growing to do. We haven't taken any pictures of him since he was little. I think we'll go for another walk after dinner. Have a great day!

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