Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cupcake soap size

These black cherry cupcakes are smaller than the average that I make. The mini is on the left (I bet you figured that out)

This is a regular size cupcake soap. It fills the palm of you hand.

These mini cupcakes are on the small side too.
This lilac soap cake slice is an average slice and fits in the palm of your hand too.

Three different sizes of soap cake. The smallest is on the left

You can see the height  difference

This is the small cake slice and is not that much more than the mini cupcake soap
I just wanted to give everyone an idea of the size difference in the mini and regular cupcake soaps and the soap cake slices. I have been getting more orders for the mini cupcakes. They make a cute favor and yes, they are small. The small soap cake slice above is a little bit bigger and would be about.75 cents more than the mini cupcakes. And if you want to give your guests that WOW reaction, the larger cupcake and soap cake slice will do the trick. Whether big or small, I can make them look amazing for you shower, wedding, or any event because I put my heart into everything I make. And when I make something, it has to measure up to my standards or I'll re-make it until I think it is worthy to give as a gift.So if you're interested in something small, the mini cupcake isn't your only option. Email me or call and we can come up with something wonderful for you and your guests.

Everyday is a gift from God- Treasure it- make it count- make a difference- bring a little joy to someone

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