Sunday, October 9, 2011

This cupcake soap is the result of a mistake. It was supposed to be red and white swirled. The red turned out to be a mauve-y pink and I didn't like the was it looked so I covered it up with this frilly skirt looking piping around it. It is scented in balsam fir. It smells like a pine tree but looks so feminine.

These are the mini version cupcakes in balsam fir. They look like fancy appetizers. I only made 12 of these

Balsam Fir scented soap cake

Perfect Autumn Pear cupcake soaps
I have been working all day, went to church, came home and started packaging the autumn pear soaps. I'm tired. Tomorrow I'll be working on the little bird in the nest all day. I need to make 90 of them and I have 27 made. I have so much to package and I need to organize all my packaging stuff. I just don't have the time to stop and do it.But I'm glad and blessed that I am driving myself crazy over something I really love to do.God surely did answer my prayers!!!I just love him.

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