Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thanking God

I had always thought I had no talent in anything. My sister could sew, another person had great imagination and inspiration, others were artistic, and even others had such a wonderful personality that they were blessed with.I wanted to be blessed with a talent too. So, I started to pray. Every day I asked Jesus to please give me a talent that would help my family.My husband has two full time jobs which only allowed him 4-5 hours sleep at the most. His health started to faulter and his Dr. told him that he can't keep doing both jobs.God answered my prayer. I never thought I would love to make soap like I do. It's like cooking to me. I have always loved to cook. I would tweek recipes by substituting this for that and make them my own or not even have a recipe. It was a good prep for soap making.I have just started to sell my soaps. In fact it's been about a month. I love to interact with the people at the farmers markets and see their reactions when they pick up the soaps and smell them. It amazes me and humbles me when they say"These are so nice! or you are very talented"- That's when I silently say" Thank you Jesus for answering my prayer".

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Bernadette said...

I think everyone has a talent, it just takes some of us longer than others to see what it is. God does answer our prayers and I would say he sure has answered yours.

It is rewarding to produce a product and see others reactions to it. That in itself is a reward in my opinion.

I've never looked at soap making as cooking and how perfect for you!!! You've always been a wonderful cook and loved being in the's right up your alley.

Love your soaps too!