Monday, June 6, 2011

Juggling home and business

Since I have been selling my soaps, I have found it very difficult to have time for cleaning, making dinner, and relaxing. I haven't planted any flowers or the grapes that I purchased in early spring. If I don't plant them soon, they're going to die. I do some laundry in between making soap. I asked my son Nathan who is 12 to fold them for me- well lets just say that I'm re-washing them because I don't think I could iron out all the wrinkles.In the evening I try to do packaging and ingredient labels while Mr. Happypants watches his westerns then flips to NCIS then flips to the food channel then flips......He would help but he doesn't make soap and he can't help package but he does encourage me "You do a good job honey!". I know since I'm new at this, it's going to take a little adjusting to get everything done. Now we may be doing a farmers market in Oxford and maybe Canterbury Village. We are supposed to go to the one in Allen Park on Friday. It's still very exciting and I do look forward to the markets. I just don't like coming home to a mess. If anyone has any tips for me, please give me your advise.
 My puppy happens to like sleeping behind the toilet.(I think it's cooler there) but he's too big to fit anymore and he keeps getting stuck. My husband shoved a quilt back there but Bear pulled it out with his teeth. I have to watch him like a toddler and if I have to go downstairs to make soap, someone has to take over and watch him. I would let him outside but we need a new fence. The storm from last year took out two sections from our neighbors tree falling on it. But it's an old, old picket fence and we have to get a privacy fence so Bear can't jump it when he gets big.His chewing and biting our legs are not fun. He doesn't realize how hard he bites. I could use some advise on him as well! Well, lunch is over. Back to work. Have a great day!

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