Saturday, July 2, 2011

New soaps coming up

Today I have ordered some supplies that I have needed to make some awesome soaps ! I will be making an oatmeal & goatsmilk facial bar for a salon in Lapeer today. A customer from the Shelby farmers market has requested a lavender patchouli scented soap which I will be making as soon as the patchouli is delivered. I have sold out of most of the soaps on the etsy site. I need my daughter to put some of the new soaps  on it. I will be making a wonderful Sandalwood vanilla soap. I just love the scent. I will be making another batch of the lavender rosemary eucalyptus with kaolin clay. That one was a good seller. I'll be making a new batch of Lilac before the summer's gone. And I have to make a big batch of balsam & citrus. I have a customer at the Warren market who loves that scent ( I do too). And I will be doing an Axe version of Phoenix for men along with another beer soap. I'm making some cupcake soaps that will be really nice for a gift or shower favors. And I will be trying the whipped soap and will be venturing into the liquid soap. So, what I am doing is watching what is popular and selling ( which I will remake) and what is sitting ( I will discontinue). So in other words, what you see at the farmers markets and on the website may or may not be there tomorrow. If there is something that you really like, of course I will make it for you. Just let me know. And as always, thank you so much for your business and I will strive to give you the best soap that I can make for you.
Have a great 4th of July and a safe one too! Watch those sparklers! Don't eat too many hotdogs! Don't swim for an hour after you've eaten! Enjoy your independence!!! And be thankful!

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