Monday, January 9, 2012

Website under Construction

Hi everyone! The new year brings new changes and Hedgeway Cottage  is going through some good changes too. It's time to grow up and clean up. A better website, more professional looking pictures, a new logo, and of course more beautiful soaps made with new and revised recipes that will be so nice to use for your skin. My new recipes include using Silk tussah which will give your soap a silky luxurious feel.I'm rethinking my packaging too. I'm not sure what I'm doing yet for that. Also, with the upcoming changes, come an increase in pricing. Just starting out, I knew that my prices were lower.Now, in order for my company to thrive, I must increase my prices (not much though) to keep up with the increased prices of supplies, etc. Lavender essential oil is getting quite pricey for example.
We will also be looking to doing more craft shows this Spring and Summer. We are confirmed for the Henry Ford II High School Clearance Craft Show on Feb. 11-12th. So, please come and check us out because we will have quite a bit of soap on sale. We will also have some new soaps. I have some new fragrances that I just love. You'll have to smell them for yourself.
I have some shower orders that I'm working on that is keeping me busy right now. I am always very honored to be able to make shower favors for your special day. I always put my best effort into doing soap favors.
While we are under construction on the website, please contact me by email which is: or by phone: 248-525-4863.
Have a great week! Talk with you soon!
There are about 56 of these mini cupcakes which include the cream colored ones in the next picture. They are scented with cedarwood amber. If any one is looking for some shower favors, I will sell these for $70.00 for all of them. They are topped with a tiny butterfly bead in multiple colors. Just email me if you are interested.

My all natural moisturizing shampoo and vinegar & water  hair rinse. I'll be trying these today. The shampoo is not thick enough so next time I wont dilute the soap paste as much. I'm working on it so I can offer you a better alternative and a healthier one for your hair. I'll also be working on some laundry soap for you too.

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