Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Fragrance Monster is attacking my Soaps!!!

I piped these in alternating colors of pink and white. The next day they were mustard color.

These are the same cupcakes turned a dark brown. I  scented these in Pink Sugar and didn't  check to see if it had  vanilla that might darken them. I added titanium dioxide (to whiten the soap) but as you can see, didn't make a difference.

Except for the melt and pour cherry, these turned a dark brown. Scented in Rich Dark Chocolate. It just irritates me when I take the time to use different colors and they all disappear into dark brown. My fault though!

I was so happy with the way these came out. They had a buttery yellow color with light green. I scented these in Shea Cashmere.

Except for the pink roses that I piped unscented, the rest is turning dark!

If someone can give me some advice on how to use these fragrances without them changing colors, please contact me. Am I not using enough titanium dioxide? What do you do to keep your true colors? I absolutely love the scent of Pink Sugar. I hate to think that everytime I use it the soap will have to be dark brown. I look forward to your advice. Have a great day everyone!!!

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