Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Playing around with my handmade lightbox

My husband built me a light box out of a cardboard box and tissue paper.
So, I have been playing around with the best way to take pictures in it.

At first, I took pictures with just the soaps and a plain white background.
I didn't like that. It was bland and boring. So now, I am trying out different
props to compliment my picture and the soap.

This one is OK but it could be better. So I'll re- take these with a different look or prop

He got caught in the net!!!

I like this picture.

I could do more with this one.

My favorite, so far.
It's not easy trying to take pictures of a product and to make it look as good as you know it is! You want the person that is viewing the picture to feel, smell and touch your product through  their eyes when they look at it. That is very hard to do. I'll keep working at it. Let me know if  you can smell these ok? lol

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