Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New additions and what to do!

Oatmeal & Honey facial bar (requested by a salon in Lapeer.It smells amazing! 
I made a full size bar of Cranberry fig and piped it on top. It looks like a twice baked potato lol! Still smells wonderful!

This bar is Vanilla Sandalwood.  It's not the prettiest bar but the scent is intoxicating!

This is Mud Pie Tootsie Toe soap. I forgot what scent I put in it but it has a whole lot of scrubby stuff to exfoliate the most calloused feet!

Grapefruit Jasmin cupcake soap looks so sweet with a fabric rose on top and makes a perfect "just because" gift. 

This is a mini version of the above cupcake soap except it is topped with a soap heart.  Sooo cute!!

This soap was supposed to be blue & green but because I made this a guy soap with an Axe (Phoenix) scent, it decided to trick me and turn a pinkish purple & green. But the scent is so sexy!

More LILAC!!! Such a romantic scent.

Grapefruit Jasmin slice soap is soo pretty. I have to think of special packaging for this one.

This soap is so light and airy and made with beer which is so good for you "don'tcha know". No added scent but has it's own mild yeasty smell.

Two days of packaging till 2am while Mr. Happypants snores so sweetly on the couch. I never feel lonely with that sound.

Luscious Lavender looks so beautiful. I am soo pleased with it. Made with real lavender essential oil, it smells so nice.

I named this soap Forest Fairy because it was so pretty and the scent name that I used just wasn't special enough. It's scented with everyone's favorite Citrus Balsam!

Moonlit path has a strong ozone-floral scent (at least I think so) it's hard to describe. Awesome lather!

I love the look of this orangeberry cream soap! The scent is very soft, not strong (which I heard a customer say that the soap was all about the look and not the scent) and I kept sniffing it and was considering re-cooking it and adding more scent but decided against it. Not everyone likes a really strong scent and this scent goes with it's soft look.

Here are the soaps  that are displayed for shower or wedding favors. They are sooo pretty. This picture is from the Gross Point Farmers Market.

Orange Creamsicle smells just like the frosty icecream. I love the scent. A very big bar.
Goatsmilk and Honey facial soap smells like a baked cookie. Such a thick lather, so silky.
So that's what I have curing right now.Some will be ready now, some in a couple weeks. I have some I didn't get a chance to take pics of. The forest fairy also comes in cake slices. Well, I'm headed to my work space to make some more awesome soaps for you. Let me know what your favorite soap is and I'll try to make it for you.I'm having a dilemma trying to figure out how to do 2 farmers markets on the same day on Saturdays and Sundays . I believe I'm going to need help. Have a great day!

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