Thursday, May 26, 2011

Soap, Water, Fudge?

Last week at the Farmers market, my husband Duane couldn't find water and he was thirsty because it was quite warm. So he is now going to sell water bottles at the farmers markets. We were talking last night about fudge.When I sell my soaps, people rush over because they think I am selling fudge. I have been saying "I would be rich by now if I was selling fudge". Well, now we are seriously thinking about selling fudge too.
This would mean another tent and I would probably have to downsize my soap collection to make room for fudge. What I don't like about it is that I would lose Duane as my cashier (he is really good at math) and I'll have to start counting on my fingers  again! It's still in the talking stages, but something to consider. 
I'll be soap making today on this rainy day, then making tacos for dinner. Have a great day!

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