Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wonderful People

We had such a great time at Frontier Town in Romeo for the Peach Festival for Labor Day weekend. The weather was not very cooperative being too hot on Saturday, rainy on Sunday, and chilly with drizzly rain on Monday but we met the nicest people. The other vendors that were there were such wonderful people too.We were asked a lot of questions about shower favors and fundraiser events. I just finished making an assortment of 110 cupcakes for an event. They look awesome. I'll post picks when they are "all dressed up". I had someone e-mail me for info about favors because my etsy site  is very vague on what I offer. I just want everyone to know that I'm working on a website that will have a more detailed and complete list with  pictures for favors so you can  get a better understanding of what we can offer you( options, extras, % off party orders, etc.). But in the meantime, if anyone wants to inquire about soap favors for parties, please e-mail me at or call 586-525-4863 (leave a message) and I will get back to you asap. Please remember that I need 3 to 4 weeks   to make them (it takes them that long to cure) plus package them for you.I really enjoyed meeting all you wonderful people!!! Until the next post, God bless and take care.

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